A corporate party is a great way to show thanks to your employees and add some spirit to the office. Organizing one means you will have to plan activities, order food, send out invitations and make sure everyone shows up. In 2022, it also means keeping things COVID safe which can may make a virtual corporate party your best option.

Corporate events are NOT a thing of the past

With the pandemic ranging on, some may feel that that corporate parties are a thing of the past. But thankfully, the internet has make online corporate events a viable option. In fact, 2020 saw a 290% increase of virtual events as compared to the previous year.

Throwing a virtual event can be challenging. It can be difficult to capture the excitement of an in-person event. But with the right online party planning, you will create an affair that everyone can enjoy.

Go virtual (but make it pop)

Good party planning ideas will make for an out-of-the-box event that’s a much needed break for everyone involved. Here are a few unusual suggestions worth considering.

Have a theme

Attaching a theme to a corporate event might seem outdated, but a thoughtful theme brings folks together and can make for a really memorable experience. Consider fashioning your event after a specific television show or movie. A certain decade like the new wave 80s or roaring 20s can also work. Or make your theme entirely unusual and a little bit of a learning experience for everyone. Send out props that match the theme in advance and encourage people to dress accordingly. (Joining with video is, obviously, a must!)

Meet up for drinks

A virtual cocktail party is another interesting detail to add to a party theme. Send out custom beverage recipes to the people who will be attending. Have them whip up the cocktail before the event begins and sip on it as they chat. Make elegant or color-specific dress mandatory. Just because it’s a virtual corporate party doesn’t mean it has to be all business and no fun.

Include live music streaming

We’ve all been craving more evenings out and a little live music. There are countless ways to add live music streaming to your small event today, from the most complex involving professional sound equipment to hiring a band on Virtuosica and sharing the private live stream link with your party guests. Put a little extra effort into it and choose a playlist that best matches the theme of your event or your guests’ favorite genres. This will add to the party atmosphere, but also show your colleagues and business partners that you care.

Host games at your virtual corporate party

Games are a terrific online corporate party activity. You can have your guests participate in trivia, quiz games, and more. If the games work better with smaller numbers, you can split up into groups with features like Zoom’s breakout rooms.

Don’t forget to follow up

The party may be over, but you can keep its spirit alive (and reap the benefits). Send out an email thanking your guests for attending. Include the names and contact information of everyone who participated. We all go to these things for the networking value, after all. Ask questions, keep those relationships warm, and make sure to help your business network stay in touch in a socially distanced world.

Your email can also include an invitation to those who were present to keep up the conversation on any issues that were raised during the event. This will further enhance the connection and keep people engaged.

Hosting an online virtual event comes with its share of challenges. The online party planning ideas in this article ensure yours will be a success. How will you be hosting your gatherings to promote loyalty in pandemic times?

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